Best Foot Spa Massager Machine in India 2022

Foot Spa Massager Machine with 8 rollers

  • This foot spa massager is equipped with 8 strong manual rollers to improve blood circulation. 
  • Calming bubbles percolate through the water to pamper your feet and melt away stress.
  • Through in-built water heating technology, the water temperature can be set from 35-48℃.
  • You can cherish a relaxing luxury foot spa to soften hard areas of the feet. Your skin will be soft, your toenails will look fresher and softer to cut.
  • Digital Panel is easy to understand. Bubble massage, heating, and timer function can be controlled using the digital panel.
  • Adjust massage duration using the timer function. You can control the temperature to enjoy the perfect foot spa experience.
  • The Foot spa massager machine is installed with a no-slip handle for easy movement. If you want to change the water, it has a drain pipe for easy draining.
  • The Foot Spa massager machine has a Stylish & elegant appearance, perfect for personal use or as gifts for others.
  • You can put your feet anytime inside the machine without any fear as the design is totally shockproof.

Lifelong Electric Foot Spa Massager Machine with 8 rollers, Digital Panel, Bubble Bath & Water Heating Technology for Pedicure, Pain relief & Foot Care

We all like a soothing and relaxing foot massage that relieves muscle tension, fatigue, and improves blood circulation. We can not afford and make time to go spa every day for a massage. But we can have a quality leg and foot massager at home and enjoy the benefits of professional-level massage at the comfort of our home. A foot massager is essential equipment for athletes and sportspersons to help them relax muscles at the end of a hard training session. It is also a great gift for elderly people that helps to ease joint and muscle stiffness.

A foot massage manipulates your body by applying pressure on your ligaments, connective tissues, tendons, and joint muscles. As a result, this tends to help you relax and feel re-energized. It also opens up your mind and makes you more alert.


Lifelong foot Spa massager machine is artistically designed with 8 rollers to provide you instant comfort, the heat and bubble massage will give you the feeling of a sauna bath along with bubbles, heating function, and extra space you will also get 8 rollers which are designed to work like a callus remover. These rollers are strong enough to handle any weight. This foot spa tub’s heating technology is quick and effective, giving you hot water within a few minutes. You can control the heat and bubble features using the digital panel which is installed in the front of the machine. The timer button is also installed on the panel.

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