Best Machine To Improve Blood Circulation India 2022

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JSB HF91 Blood Circulation Massager Machine with Acupressure Mat

  • Blood circulation massager machine with acupressure mat helps improve blood flow to all body parts.
  • A Vibration-based massager unit that can be used by people of all ages.
  • It has 2-speed controls: High and low controllable with remote, and a 5 -15 minutes auto shut down timer.
  • Very effective for people with diabetes, blood pressure, varicose veins, arthritis, peripheral nerve atrophy, poor circulation, helps reduce weight and give better health, helps overcome exhaustion, lethargy, fatigue, work-related stress, travel fatigue and gives better sleep.
  • Has a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Best Vibrating Massager Machine To Improve Blood Circulation.

Best Vibrating Massager Machine To Improve Blood Circulation

Lifestyle disorders like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, strokes, arthritis have grown at an exponential rate in this modern world, as people now fight to remain healthy. Modern-day science has observed the root cause of these problems to be poor blood and oxygen circulation in our bodies. The JSB HF91 Oxygen Blood Circulation Massager is a combination of traditional acupressure and modern science and the outcome is a massager that not only helps increase blood flow but also helps in resolving many health problems like muscle stiffness, joint pain, varicose veins, constipation, and other lifestyle disorders.

Oxygen And Blood Circulation Machine Massager


The powerful vibrations of the JSB HF91 Oxygen Blood Circulation machine will help unclog blood vessels and improve the blood flow to various parts of the body. It is essentially important in old age patients who complain of leg pain due to poor blood circulation in the legs. This massager will promote better blood circulation in legs thus they will feel more energetic and healthy. This traditional holistic therapy has been a favorite amongst natural treatments without medicine for many centuries. We all know that our feet have got acupressure points for the whole body. In fact, our feet define our body’s various functions, and most of the diseases can be cured/controlled by foot acupressure. May it be diabetes, blood pressure, migraine, cholesterol, arthritis, or any other chronic disease, the JSB oxygen blood circulation machine helps stimulate the acupressure points related to those diseases and promotes better blood flow to that organ.

Full Body Oxygen & Blood Circulation Massager produces vibrations from the feet distributing to the whole body. In the form of high vibrations, this machine produces helix circulations to promote the circulation of blood in the body. It also improves the blood & oxygen supply to the brain. Therefore, becoming the best machine to improve blood circulation.

Health Benefits of the JSB Blood Circulation Massager Machine :

    • It Helps in Improving Blood Circulation.
    • Also, Helps reduce weight and promote better health.
    • The Blood Circulation Massager Helps in the Management of Diabetes.
    • The Machine Also Helps in Controlling Blood Pressure Levels.
    • It Helps in Reduction of Harmful Cholesterol (LDL)
    • Using This Machine Helps in Prevention of Heart Stroke.
    • The JSB HF12 Blood Circulation Massager provides Relief in Joint Pain and Arthritis.
    • Massager Aids in chronic diseases: headache, insomnia, cervical spondylopathy, etc.
    • Also Assists in improving metabolism and expel toxins from the body.
    • Assists in Curing Constipation Gradually
    • The Massager Machine Relaxes the Muscles and Stiff Joints
    • Therefore, Relieves exhaustion and fatigue.
    • Using The Machine Promotes healthy sleep patterns.
    • Blood Circulation Massager flushes toxins to improve skin health.
    • Also, Helps to reduce Lactic Acid and Uric Acid. 

The JSB Blood Circulation Massager Machine Has 3 Operating Functions:

1. The Vibration Function :
The JSB HF91 Blood Circulation Massager Promotes blood circulation to remove obstruction in the channels, relax the muscle, invigorate the circulation of blood, accelerate the blood flow by strong vibration and make the free circulation of the blood. Using the machine for 15 minutes is equivalent to jogging 5 kilometers.

2. The Circumrotate Function :
Clock-wise circumrotation makes a spiral blood circulation within the body. The machine increases blood supply for the heart and brain, accelerates secretion discharge, and makes the body healthy and clean.

3. The Massage Function :
Salience aims at points and jerks sections under feet like a remarkable massage, spreading the vibration all over the body. Release the aches, furbish the body jerk functions, carve your figure, reform your body, and keep the spring of your life.


benefits of blood circulation massage


Instructions Of Use:

The JSB HF91 Blood Circulation Massager is a perfect blend of Ancient Acupuncture Technology and Modern Science and brings you a muscle stimulation machine that can effectively increase your blood circulation in the lower body.

  1. Unpack the JSB HF91  Blood Circulation Massager from the product box.
  2. Attach the adhesive electrodes and AC wire in the given spaces on the product.
  3. Plug-in the AC wire into the power supply and be seated on the chair to rest your foot on the footpads.
  4. Press the On/Off button on the Foot Blood Circulation Massager.
  5. Select the frequency and time you want to do massage for, on the foot blood circulation massager.
  6. You can opt to switch adhesive electrodes On or Off.
  7. You can opt to switch heated rollers On or Off.
  8. The product should not be used by patients with very sensitive skin or patients with pacemakers or pregnant ladies.
  9. In case you are suffering from a medical condition and are unsure of using the product, kindly contact your doctor for advice.
  10. Please read the instruction manual thoroughly before using the product.

4 reviews for Best Machine To Improve Blood Circulation India 2022

  1. Joseph Paul

    Excellent Blood circulation massager

    Really awesome product, received the product with warranty card and user manual, simple to operate, excellent vibrations, Two speeds, fast and slow, would suggest a medium speed option too, which will be well appreciated, overall good performance, everyone at home enjoyed the massage taking turns, standing on it, you feel really rejuvenated after a 5 or 10 minute session on it.

  2. Shrikant

    Worthy Product

    The product looks good after a week’s use. Must have product for those who cannot dedicate time for daily walk.

  3. Kundan Agarwal

    Just received the product. Initial Impressions

    Got the product delivered today. Took 3 minutes to unpack. Amazon is a bit generous with the taping. Stood on the machine for roughly five minutes. The product is working fine. The buttons and timer are working ok. Everything seems good for now. Cheers.

  4. Mohan Achar

    Effective blood circulation machine.

    This product is good for the value of money paid. Using for the past 10 days. There are only two speeds – High and Low. High speed is effective. Low speed is too low to have any impact. Further as there is nothing to hold, balancing specially for aged persons is an issue. One has to keep the machine near the door or stand or something like that. There could have been some improvement in the spikes of the mat to be more effective.

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