Best Curved Gaming Monitor With Anti Glare Panel In India 2022

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MSI Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor

  • Curved Gaming display (1500R) – The best gameplay immersion.
  • FHD High Resolution – Game titles will even look better, displaying more details due to the FHD resolution.
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate – Real smooth gaming.
  • 1ms response time – eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates.
  • Gaming OSD App – Create the ultimate viewing settings for your game.
  • True colors – DCI-P3 90% & sRGB 115%.
  • AMD FreeSync™ Premium Technology – Tear-free, stutter-free, fluid gaming.
  • Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light – the game even longer and prevent eye strain and fatigue.
  • Frameless design – Ultimate gameplay experience.
  • 178° wide view angle.

MSI Optix MAG241C 23.6 inch Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor, 144hz Refresh Rate, 1ms Response time, Anti Glare Panel and Adjustable Stand

Want an affordable 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor that doesn’t have a TN panel with poor viewing angles and color quality?

The MSI Optix MAG241C is a 24″ curved display with a high-contrast VA panel, AMD FreeSync, and the 1ms MPRT technology.

Furthermore, it has a modern slim design, a lot of exclusive features, and it’s fairly priced!

MSI Curved LED Gaming Monitor


Visualize your victory with the MSI Optix MAG241C curved gaming monitor. Equipped with a 1920×1080, 144hz Refresh rate, 1ms response time panel, the Optix MAG241C will give you the competitive edge you need to take down your opponents. Built with FreeSync technology, the MAG241C can match the display’s refresh rate with your GPU for ultra-smooth gameplay. Make sure you can hit your mark with all the latest technologies built-in the MSI Curved Gaming monitors for competitive play.

The MSI MAG241C is based on a VA (Vertical Alignment) panel, which boasts a higher contrast ratio than other panel types. The MSI Optix MAG241C curved gaming monitor offers an extended color gamut covering 90% DCI-P3 and 115% sRGB color space.

There’s no excessive backlight bleeding nor any dead pixels; the wide 178-degree viewing angles ensure no color and contrast shifts when looking at the monitor from skewed angles, and the MSI Optix MAG241C input lag amounts to less than 5ms which is fit for hardcore gaming.

You can game for hours without worrying about your eyes as the monitor has a flicker-free screen and a built-in low blue light filter.

If you enjoy fast-paced competitive games, a 144Hz refresh rate is a must-have. Besides making the gameplay more immersive and enjoyable, it gives you a slight edge over your opponents with regular screens as your picture refreshes more than twice as fast.



MSI gaming monitors are equipped with a 144hz refresh rate + 1ms response time VA LED panel which has the most benefit in fast-moving game genres such as first-person shooters, fighters, racing sims, real-time strategy, and sports. These types of games require very fast and precise movements, which an ultra-high refresh rate and fast response time monitor will put you ahead of your competition.

4 reviews for Best Curved Gaming Monitor With Anti Glare Panel In India 2022

  1. Mayank Patel


    This monitor has great colors even though it has a VA Panel. I have used IPS before this and one thing is for sure that there is not much difference in colors and reproduction. The gaming features such as 1ms response work very well..yeah it does decrease the brightness a bit but you will not notice it. AMD Freesync is perfect and IT SUPPORTS G-SYNC as well. It works like a charm. And also the 1500R curvature is not noticable or distracting if you have been using a flat screen before. I got this for 15499 in Jan 2020 and the box was factory sealed. It provides you with 2 power cables-One European/Indian and One American. It also gives you and HDMI AND a DisplayPort cable which works with 144hz and G-SYNC. One advisory, if you use 144hz once in your life then you will look down on 60hz forever in future..

  2. animish

    Well to start with, This is a gaming monitor not for those who are into programming and content creating as you can always find a better monitor (IPS panel ones) at a cheaper price.
    The monitor does whatever that has been advertised by the MSI team.
    I’ll explain the pros of the monitor first:
    1.144 Hz 1 MS monitor.
    If you are an eSports Gamer who likes playing CSGO, Six Seige, Warzone, Pubg, Apex legends, fortine, overwatch then this monitor is for you.
    Games run butter smooth runs on this (however make sure your gfx card is able to produce 144FPS constant to get the benefit of the monitor).
    2. Color Accuracy: Since this monitor has a VA panel the color accuracy of this is really great. Within this price range, this monitor provides one of the best color accuracy, sRGB, and adobe color gamut. So besides gaming, if you like to do light content creation you won’t be disappointed.
    3.MSI OSD app: This is one of the less talked features about this monitor, you can change profile, heartz, response time, etc with the MSI gaming osd app. This is really really easy with the app however there is a catch that you’ll have to use the USB cable to enable that feature.
    4. 1500R curve: 1500R curve isn’t too much of a curve. If you like immersive gaming then go for it. I do not regret buying this monitor even though I play fps games a lot. In fact, it helped me a lot because my viewing fov is closer in range with the curved screen so I’ve to move head less during hardcore gaming hours.
    5. Gsync- yes it does support G-sync folks. The range is 48-144 Hz. Just make sure you’re using the latest Nvidia drivers and display port 1.2 or up.

    Now coming to the cons-
    1. 1 MS response time trade-off –
    So unlike TN panels, it doesn’t support GTG 1 MS response time. So in order to achieve 1 MS response time the monitor’s brightness goes half and on top of that, you can’t use the adaptive/gsync with it.
    2. There is no height adjustment bracket provided by MSI. You can only tilt your monitor a little bit.
    3. Price: Price on Amazon is really high right now. You can easily get this at 15k in a local shop or a different retailer website.

    So my final conclusion is if you have money and want to get a good curved gaming monitor go for it.

  3. Somaditya

    At first i felt i might have over spent on the display for my desktop. But once i got delivery and installed it, i was totally blown away by the unique and thoughtful features like the menu button which is made like a small joystick. Have never seen one like it and makes it very easy to change brightness and picture mode with only one button.
    make sure u have ur display running at 144hz from your gpu and monitor config. after turning on g sync i played a couple of games, and the smoothness of the motion was remarkably noticeable.
    the curved design makes it comfortable for coding and reading also.
    overall very satisfied with this display. for a reasonable price it gives 24 inch full hd curved VA panel, 144hz refresh rate with freesync and 1ms response time. not to forget the awesome and unique OSD.

  4. Bhanu agnihotri

    5 out of 5. This is a very nice product. Helped improving my gaming experience. It boosted FPS to 144. Settings of the monitor also can be changed using it’s official app provided. If you’re a hard-core gamer like me, then you must go for this product. Won’t regret a single bit.

    Thanks again AMAZON and MSI

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